Weather data in the UK

Did you know that the temperature and humidity in the shed is often higher than the Met Office reading at weather stations? To give you an up-to-date picture of the climate in the shed and how the cow experiences this, we have installed temperature and humidity meters in sheds throughout the UK. 

We display both the temperature and Temperature Humidity Index (THI) to help understand the potential degree of heat stress LIVE on this page! Further down the page you will also find the average temperature and THI for the past 24 hours and week in the sheds.

N. Ireland THI: 0
0 ˚C
Wales THI: 0
0 ˚C
Scotland THI: 56.7
11.9 ˚C
North THI: 53.7
9.8 ˚C
Midlands THI: 56.7
12.1 ˚C
South THI: 0
0 ˚C
LIVE data

Average THI and temperature by region
LIVE data

Average THI and temperature by region

Did you know that we as humans experience temperatures very differently to cows?

Cows are physically uncomfortable and show behavioural changes when the temperature rises above 24˚C, for humans this is 31°C.  Even more importantly, non-visible effects of heat stress on cows begin at much lower temperatures – fertility traits (oestrus activity) are impacted once daily average temperatures exceed as little as 14°C (THI 57) and conception rates from 20°C (THI 65 – both readings with a relative humidity of 60%). 

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It is very important to cool the cow from the outside. Fans in the shed can help. This keeps air moving through the cows allowing heat loss through convection and the use of sprinklers in combination with fans in areas of high density e.g. collecting yards, can also aid this process.


Nutritionally you can also make adjustments to support the cow. Our product, Equaliser® CoolCow, can be compared to drinking an ice cube in a glass. CoolCow works from within to lower body temperature and increase water absorption. This helps the cow to actively get through the warmer summer period while maintaining health, fertility and performance.


For further nutritional support and advice please contact the Cargill team.
To learn more about Equaliser® CoolCow click below.

24hr and 7 day average in shed temperature and THI in the UK

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